Becoming a Signatory

The Following Groups may sign the Integrity Pledge:

  1. Companies/Private Sector
  2. Governments/Public Sector
  3. Civil Society Organisations
  4. International Agencies
  5. Others

In order to become a signatory for the pledge, please download the document here and follow these guidelines:

  1. Acquire authorisation to sign and stamp the document.
  2. Scan said document and email it to
  3. Mail the signed and stamped document to:

ASEAN CSR Network Ltd.

10 Hoe Chiang Road

#08-03 Keppel Towers

Singapore 089315

Alternative Signatory Routes

The signing of the Regional Integrity Pledge can also be done through national initiatives, providing that the national initiative is a part of the Regional Working Group on Business Integrity or support work of the Regional Working Group. Current members of the Regional Working Group are:

When we have confirmed and approved of your identity, we will add you to the register of signatories located on this website here, and on the websites of Members of the Regional Working Group on Business Integrity or other national initiatives if applicable.


Working Group Members :

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