What is the Integrity Pledge?

Launched during the 6th Meeting of the Regional Working Group on Businesss Integrity in ASEAN which was held on the 7th March 2017, the "Integrity Has No Borders" Pledge, originally the Integrity Pledge is a voluntary document that permits a signatories to make a commitment to uphold ethical values at the enterprise/organisational, national and regional level.

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The Pledge also serves as a compliment to the prexisting National Integrity Pledges and should not be seen as a form of certification, review or assessment conducted by regulatory authorities or other parties.

The Following Groups may sign the Integrity Pledge:

  1. Companies and Corporations
  2. Private Organisations
  3. Civil Society/ Public Organisations
  4. International Agencies

To sign up for the Integrity Pledge, please visit this page.


Working Group Members :

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