Cooperation, Lack of Accountability Biggest Challenges for Anti-Graft Body, Says Chairman

Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman U Aung Kyi told the Union Parliament on Monday that an unwillingness to cooperate, as well as a lack of accountability and transparency, are the commission’s biggest challenges.

“To effectively prevent internal corruption, it depends on the efforts of 200 heads of governmental departments and enterprises across the country,” he said, responding to lawmakers’ criticism of his commission’s first-year performance.

A total of 33 lawmakers debated the commission’s 2018 annual report on May 9 and 13, with many taking issue with the high number of complaints that the commission transferred to other governmental bodies and the soft sentences those bodies handed out.

U Aung Kyi said on Monday that he was also not pleased with responses from the concerned departments that they had transferred the cases to.

Read the full original article at The Irrawaddy.

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