[Opinion] Importance of Integrity

Malaysia Baharu was adopted as a slogan to mark the victory of the Pakatan Harapan coalition at the 14th General Election on May 9 last year.

For many Malaysians, it was a historic moment to see the end of more than five decades of Barisan Nasional rule, although, for some, it was tragic to see the old and tested being replaced by the new and brash.

Understandably, the Pakatan coalition parties and their supporters saw the moment as their chance to hold the reins of power and put the country on the right track. As is normal with any new committee or administration, there would be a scrutiny of past practices as well as proclamations of fresh strategies and approaches.

The Pakatan election campaign and manifesto had targeted corruption and abuse of power by the previous regime so it was only logical that the old Malaysia be replaced by a new one, Malaysia Baru, notwithstanding the incorrect use of the word “baru”, which should be “baharu”.

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