Indonesia: KKK named Sea Transportation Director General corruption suspect

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has named Director General of Sea Transportation Antonius Tonny Budiono (ATB) as a suspect in an alleged corruption in goods and service projects in the directorate general of transportation.

The KPK raised the status of the case into investigation in line with the naming of two persons, namely ATB and PT Adhi Guna Keruktama (AGK) Commissioner Adiputra Kurniawan (APK), as suspects in the case.

During its red-handed operation  on Aug 23 and 24, the KPK confiscated a certain amount of money and automatic teller machine (ATM) cards. The total amount of money found by the KPK in the case is valued at Rp20 billion,

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Bottom line better without corruption- Siemens story

In 2007 Siemens hit the worst crisis in its 170-year history. It was found to have systematically violated anti-corruption laws and accounting regulations in one of the biggest ever business corruption scandals, spanning markets internationally.

The company co-operated with investigators, and launched its own probe into every part of the business. It paid $1.6 billion in fines in Germany and the US, and launched a massive cull of management. The CEO and chairman were forced out. 
Around 80% of top executives were replaced, 70% of the next level, and 40% of the level below that. This was the point at which Siemens committed itself to 100% ethical practices. And it discovered that it did not need to bribe. Its products would stand on their merit.

APEC Pathfinder Dialogue: Corruption - driver of illegal logging

Around 120 representatives from member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum gathered at the 4th APEC Pathfinder Dialogue in Ho Chi Minh City on 19-20 August to discuss measures to strengthen the fight against illicit trade and corruption.

The delegates noted that corruption fosters illegal logging. They shared experience and best practices in combating corruption in forest product trade in the customs environment. They also discussed new momentums for combating corruption in wildlife trafficking and how to work with civil society to combat corruption as a propagator of wildlife trafficking, detect and disrupt wildlife trafficking using anti-money laundering and asset confiscation techniques.

Singapore: Co-op seeking to recover funds after probe

The cooperative which was defrauded of $5.1 million by two former employees is waiting for a Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) probe to be completed before deciding on civil remedies to recover its funds.

The Singapore Statutory Boards Employees' Co-operative Thrift and Loan Society (SSBEC) yesterday told The Straits Times the CAD was "currently carrying out investigations to recover the money".

The case comes amid an ongoing move to change laws to strengthen the governance of co-ops and better safeguard their members' funds.

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Vietnam: High-level court hearing executives of the shipping scandal

The Ha Noi Superior People’s Court on Thursday held an appeal hearing of Giang Kim Dat and three accomplices in a major corruption case that involves bankrupt State-owned firm Vinashin Ocean Shipping Ltd, or Vinashinlines.
In an initial trial on February 22, the Ha Noi People’s Court handed death penalties for embezzlement to Dat, 40, Vinashinlines former sales manager; and his 62-year-old ex-superior and former director general Tran Van Liem. They were said to have embezzled at least VND255 billion (US$11.2 million) and VND3.3 billion ($150,000), respectively.
Vinashinlines’ former chief accountant Tran Van Khuong, 67, received a life sentence for embezzling $110,000.
In addition, Dat’s father Giang Van Hien, 76, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for money laundering.
After the initial trial, all four defendants filed an appeal.
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Malaysia: Former Felda chairman remanded 5 days over corruption probe

Former chairman of Malaysia's Felda Global Ventures (FGV) Isa Samad will be remanded for five days from Wednesday (Aug 16) to assist authorities in an ongoing anti-graft probe over the purchase of a London hotel in 2013.
Felda's investment arm allegedly bought the 4-star Park City hotel in upmarket Kensington in 2013 for an inflated price of £60 million (US$77.2 million), almost £20 million above the standard market price. It was later renamed Grand Plaza hotel.
Isa has maintained his innocence throughout.

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