Malaysia: Targeting Corruption as a Top Priority

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Chief Commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad has declared corruption to be public enemy number one of Malaysia, blaming it for the increase in other crimes in Malaysia such as drug trafficking and fraud.

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Thailand:Looking at Anti-Corruption Controls for Companies

While internal controls are essential to any anti corruption programme, they remain largely misunderstood. This article looks at a number of suggestions made by the author concerning effective internal and anti corruption controls for companies in Thailand

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World: The Scourge of Corruption

Though this article uses Nigeria as a focal point for a discussion on what factors make corruption prevalent in a society, it touches on issues such as good governance and rule of law and the history of of developed and developing economies in the Eastern hemisphere who both failed and succeeded in rising out of poverty and attaining sustainable and equitable societies. Perhaps most intriguingly, the article considers whether or not democracy is truly a cure to the malaise of corruption.

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The Alarming Nature of Corruption in Timor-Leste

Despite having regained its independence over two decades ago, Timor-Leste still faces tremendous challenges towards attaining sustainable economic development. Key amongst these challenges is the rampancy of corruption in the fledeling country, a problem that is magnified by the country's culture of gift-giving and the perception of corruption by the general public.

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World: Anti-Graft Watchdog Calls for Urgent Action to Keep Corrupt Cash out of Luxury Goods Market

Luxury goods sellers – from jewelers and real estate agents to yacht builders and diamond brokers – are doing little to check if their customers are using corrupt money to fund their high-end purchases.

Indonesia: Investors Upbeat on Indonesia but Point to Political Risk, Says Finch

Most attendees at Fitch Ratings' Indonesia Credit Briefing held in Jakarta were optimistic about Indonesia's prospects and felt that now was the time to increase exposure to the country.

Domestic political turbulence was seen as the biggest risk to this upbeat outlook in 2017, with almost half of the 220 investors, analysts and members of the business community who attended placing it ahead of US interest rate rises and trade protectionism.

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